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When your business involves a lot of moving parts, you need smart systems in place to keep track of everything, from supply chains to sales to inventory and payroll.

Boca Computer’s business systems experts can help you streamline your record-keeping, ease communication, and ensure your systems and data are always up to date, secure, and accessible.


In the construction industry, staying on top of multiple fast-moving projects in critical. For that, you need an efficient, reliable network designed to handle complex projects and their related documentation.

Boca Computer understands the demands of the construction industry. Our experts are ready to help you optimize your system and network for the specific demands of your business.


IT is quickly assuming a central role in hospitality functions, from reservations to restaurant orders to room key cards, and guests increasingly expect the efficiency and convenience that automated functions can offer.

Boca Computer can help you stay on top of this rising trend by designing robust, secure, and cost-effective networks and systems that ensure you always deliver the experience guests expect.


When others entrust you with their funds, ensuring the confidentiality and accuracy of their records is of the utmost importance. You also need to be able to transfer records and funds securely and quickly when the need arises.

Boca Computer’s security experts understand the importance of keeping sensitive information secure. We can help you protect your system from viruses and breaches and ensure your data is always backed up and protected.

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From case files to billing records, busy law offices handle hundreds of critical documents each day-so keeping them up to date, organized, and secure is essential for the operation of your business.

Boca Computer helps law practices work more productively and efficiently through secure data storage, fast networks, and regular updates and maintenance of software and systems. Our experts can help you streamline your processes in billing, case management, file management and more.


In healthcare, timely delivery of information and care can be a literal matter of life or death. This makes accurate, up-to-date, and secure record keeping and data storage critical for healthcare providers.

Boca Computer can ensure your systems-from hardware to software to networks-are up to date and efficient. Our security experts can also ensure your systems comply with HPAA and other regulatory standards for privacy and security.

Property Management

Working in property management means answering to many stakeholders-owners, tenants, and repair and maintenance professionals. This means keeping track of funds, people, properties, and appointments.

Boca Computer can save you valuable time by streamlining your operations. With smart data management, networking, and communications systems in place, staying on top of people, projects, and properties is easy