Your files. They may be electronic, but they’re the lifeblood of your business. In the event of a catastrophic failure, they can pull a fast disappearing act, leaving you high and dry. With our comprehensive backup plans, you can rest assured that your priceless information will be available for easy retrieval, even if your entire system fails. We perform thorough, routine backups, both remotely and on-site, so your most critical asset will be kept safe and sound.

Where Most Organizations Fail*

Three our of 4 companies surveyed fail to make the grade for Disaster Recovery Preparedness Based on hundreds of responses and results of the online Disaster Recovery Preparedness Survey, most companies worldwide are putting their business operations at risk by not being properly prepared to recover IT systems in the event of a disaster. The survey results indicate a significant gap in disaster recovery preparedness that does not bode well for businesses that typically depend on their IT systems to survive and thrive in today’s marketplace.

More than half have lost critical applications or datacenter for hours or even days.

The survey indicated that more than one third or 36% of organizations have lost one or more critical applications, VMs, or critical data files for hours at a time over the past year, while nearly one in five companies have lost one or more critical applications over a period of days. Even more alarming is that one in four respondents said that they had lost most or all of a datacenter for hours or even days—an indication of a true disaster scenario for companies that rely on IT to conduct business.

Outage/Data Loss Causes:

For most organizations, the question is not if a disaster or outage could happen, but when it will occur and how severe it will be. Most important, they need to ask themselves how prepared they will be to recover from a disaster scenario. When evaluating the causes of outages, survey respondents indicated technology failures and human error as the major culprits. For the majority of organizations, software and hardware failures were the biggest cause of outages and data loss, while human error ran a close second at more than 40%.

Note the high percentage of human error contributing to outage or disaster. Too many organizations only check backups in severe weather when more realistically, the outage can happen at any time due to human error. Disaster preparedness has to be an ongoing activity.

Major causes of outages and data loss”

  • 50% software failure + network failure
  • 43.5% human error
  • 24% power failure
  • 14% weather

Beyond the obvious causes of outages and disaster scenarios, the survey suggests that several factors influence the lack of preparedness among organizations worldwide.

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